Echoes in Eternity

Echoes in Eternity

Echoes in Eternity was the title of my men’s day, which I took from the words of Maximus, the lead character in the motion picture, Gladiator. He gathers his troops together and tells them “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. It was a brilliantly written line and if more men took that literally, then many more of them would start to live lives that are intentional and actually count for something.

Echoes in Eternity was built around the theme of ‘A Call to Adventure’. So many Christian men are leading dull and rather boring spiritual lives and often their real life was to be found in their career and yet if they were to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and turn that career into an adventure for God, it would actually be much more rewarding and would be participating in eternity even while they were living in the corporate life or on the shop floor.

It is the life of Jesus that inspires me and as I thought about him, I realised he encapsulated in his life four separate roles:

  • Prophet
  • Priest
  • King
  • Warrior

As I thought about Gladiator, I thought of many other films I knew that had powerful lessons in them, things that had inspired me to keep going. So I put together a programme that would encapsulate Bible teaching illuminated and ignited by clips from the movies.

Having created Echoes in Eternity – The Call to Adventure, I saw the need to look at other roles and considered the great adventurer of the scriptures, Paul. In his interaction with Timothy, he identified four separate roles:

  • Soldier
  • Athlete
  • Farmer
  • Father

I began to realise that we needed to call men on the road to maturity. So Echoes in Eternity – The Road to Maturity was born.

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